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"Opening New Doors is a great product and is a MUST for any company that has to go through the ordeal of laying off staff. Providing Opening New Doors to our employees has taken many of the negatives of our current situation and created a positive outcome for both the employees and the company."
Manager, Human Resources, Pacific Corinthian

"Although we did a number of things to help our employees through a very difficult experience, I'm very confident that the Opening New Doors program played a key role in the outcome."
President, Artistic Brass Company

"Your Opening New Doors materials were high quality, and helped me review where I was in my preparation for a career leap. The greatest areas of benefit to me were in building my self-confidence and verbalizing my script, to enable me to sell myself to the next prospective employer. I did succeed in getting an offer in half the time expected."
Russell R. Reeder; client

"By reading the Learning Guide and listening to your Audio Tapes, I have begun to assess myself and build a stronger desire to achieve my career goals. Recently, as I drove to an interview, I listened again to your "Interview Practice" tape. As a result, I was able to ask many more focused, in-depth questions during the interview. This helped tremendously!"
Gail Wright; client

"Fine program for intended audiences. I have used it with great success. Participants have given excellent feedback as (to its) being relevant, easy to follow, and helpful."
Vice President, Pacific Mutual Life Insurance

"Excellent outplacement tool for price and performance! The tapes are smooth and reassuring. The fact that the recipients feel like they have their own package and can deal with it on their own time and conditions, is of extreme value"
Director, Human Resources, AST Research, Inc.

"The quality, flexibility and cost of Opening New Doors, whether utilized as a stand-alone product or reinforced with Counselor assistance, has been outstanding. Opening New Doors was exceptionally well received by the entire spectrum of managerial, professional and clerical personnel."
Director, Human Resources, Amperif Corporation

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