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TTG Consultants has become associated with a number of strategic partners.

These relationships are designed to assist both organizations in their marketing and growth activities and provide long-term relationships and vernal business opportunities between their members.


Lincolnshire International provides clients with an immediate, seamless response to Human Capital needs. We are high-quality Human Resource consulting firms in the U.S. and Mexico ? with offices in most major cities.

Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Int'l is managed by owners whose names and reputations are on the front door. This offers our clients a unique sensitivity to local markets and conditions. As shareholders in Lincolnshire International, Inc., these local companies share best practices and pool resources to acquire and use state-of-the-art technology.


TTG Consultants and Lincolnshire International are affiliates with Arbora Global Partners for the United States.

Arbora is a global network of leading providers of Outplacement and Career Management services.

With a global reach and a local touch, Arbora Partners work with the world's leading employers to support their transition, development and re-organization processes.

With Partners across the globe and a history from the 1980s, Arbora has the depth of experience and local knowledge to deliver expert advice and quality programs to local, national and trans-national organizations.

Key services include...
  • Outplacement - One-On-One and Group delivery.
  • National and local government Re-Employment Services.
  • Transition support consulting and planning for organizations experiencing Restructuring, Transformation and/or Downsizing.
  • Career Assessment, Development and Management.
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Leadership Development.


ACF International is the trade association for the career management industry and its world-wide voice. Founded in 1982, its members make up over 70% of this billion dollar industry, employing thousands of professionals in hundreds of offices.

Members provide a wide range of services: career management, human resource consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, succession planning, outplacement, workforce deployment, and assessment. They are partners with clients in human resource management around the world.

Member companies have an unwavering commitment to provide the highest quality services while adhering to stringent ethical standards and a code of conduct.


The Birkman Method®

Since 1951, The Birkman Method® has helped individuals and organizations reach greater performance levels. Designed to accurately measure and understand individual performance potential, this proven methodology has effectively clarified strengths, behaviors, interests, goals, management styles, thinking styles, underlying needs, and stress behaviors of individuals across a range of industries. The resulting information opens the door to greater personal, team and organizational productivity.

The Birkman Method® is not merely a personality assessment tool. It is a powerful means to gain critical answers to how and why people lead, learn, think, decide and relate to others. As a result, organizations can maximize the performance of their most important asset - people.

Lincolnshire International members are certified to facilitate The Birkman Method® assessment instrument.

FEI is the preeminent professional association for senior financial executives representing 14,000 individuals from over 8,000 corporation throughout the United States and Canada. Membership driven, FEI provides peer networking opportunities, emerging issues alerts, personal and professional development and advocacy services to Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Treasurers, Tax Executives, Finance and Accounting Professors in academia. We do this principally though our strong Internet Community, our 85 chapters and our 11 technical committees. Membership is limited to individuals holding senior management positions similar to those listed above, but we allow many other finance professionals to join if they meet certain criteria. FEI also has a special rate and status for academics. Other typical titles held by FEI members include Assistant Controller, Subsidiary CFO or Controller, Assistant Treasurer, Director of Tax and CEO.

FEI is the leading voice on behalf of corporate financial executives. FEI actively engages the FASB, SEC and legislators in dialogue to represent the viewpoints of our membership.

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