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The Birkman Method ®
Used for Executive Outplacement

TTG Consultants uses the Birkman Method® Profile in its one-on-one Executive Outplacement programs. This extraordinary, in-depth self-assessment profile allows the participant to...
  • Determine his/her interests and strengths -- often a difficult and time-consuming process. Thus, these are accurately and succinctly described on the resume. Also, the interview question, "Tell me about yourself," can be answered quickly and with assurance.
  • Discover his/her needs -- those involving organizational culture and personal interaction. If needs are met, the candidate won't make the mistake of selecting the "wrong" job.
  • Alternate career path options are targeted from over 900 job descriptions - taking into account the individual's strengths and needs.
Thus, a Birkman Method® Profile helps participants begin the Outplacement process with better self-awareness, as well as clarity of the "right" job. Later, during interviews, they will be better able to discuss their interests and strengths as they relate to the prospective employer's issues and problems, and to determine whether an opportunity is the "right" job.

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