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Career Assessment

Career Assessment is finding increased application in a constantly evolving/changing economy and workplace. Ideal candidates for this program would include those who are....

  • considering a lateral career move,
  • suffering from career burnout,
  • struggling with a career direction crisis.

    The Process
    The individual is asked to participate in a Birkman Method® Profile questionnaire and a series of personal inventories. The resulting information becomes the foundation for a series of comprehensive coaching sessions.

    When coaching has ended, the individual is provided with a confidential and objective recommendation with regard to career direction, including a review of strengths/liabilities, needs, stress behavior and potential. Normally, this will lead the person in one of three directions:

    • On to another career through a lateral move. Assessment helps the individual understand why a lateral move is appropriate and points to this better option.
    • Back into his/her current position with greater enthusiasm. Assessment confirms that the person is in the right career, in the right organization and simply needs confirmation and encouragement from an objective expert.
    • On to another organization. Assessment confirms that the present career path is the right one, but the current culture and/or environment is not.

    Through assessment, perhaps a valued contributor's passion for the job can be redirected and re-energized. Perhaps an unhappy employee can move into a more appropriate position - inside or outside the organization - before productivity becomes an issue. In either case, Career Assessment is clearly a "win-win" program for both the organization and individual.

    Case History

    The Cost

    The cost varies with the nature of assignement. Includes The Birkman Method® Profile and individual counseling sessions.

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