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Career Exploration

Career Exploration helps an individual focus on the many career alternatives available, given his or her existing strengths, skills, experience, accomplishments, interest, limitations, goals and education. It is a one-on-one coaching experience which explores personal and family needs, as well as the work, living and people environments needed for a successful, happy and motivated life. Outcomes may include:

  • the need to determine a new career direction (either internally or externally)
  • discovery that skills for transition to a new/different career are needed.

    The Process
    The participant completes a Birkman Method® Profile the results of which become the focus of several in-depth, comprehensive coaching sessions. Elements included in the coaching are...

    • Personal Assessment and Focus
    • Exploring Needs and Expectations
    • Resume Development (for internal/external use)
    • Communication Skills Assessment (includes videotaping)
    • Transferable Skills Assessment
    • Job Market Exploration (internal and/or external)
    • Determining Career Options

    Case History

    The Cost
    The cost varies with the nature of the assignment. The The Birkman Method® Profile and counseling sessions......

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