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Communication Style Enhancement

Communication Style Enhancement improves a participant's communication techniques and people skills. The participant is helped to achieve the most effective behavior, in order to maintain strong relationships in our ever-changing workplace enviornment. Insights into personal style are gained and self-confidence is heightened.

Ideal candidates for this program are those who....

  • have difficulty communicating with most people,
  • intimidate and/or demotivate co-workers,
  • create conflict in the workplace,
  • lack confidence in addressing audiences.

    The Process
    There are two distinct parts to this coaching program: assessment and communication...

    • Birkman Method® Profile assessment, including:

            Social Perceptions

    • Communication Style Analysis, including:

           Training Sessions with Coach
           Video Feedback of Participant
           Performance Benchmarking
           Improved Awareness

    Click Here: Case Histories

    The Cost

    Includes the The Birkman Method® Profile and individual coaching sessions, cost varies with assignment.

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