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A Word about E-mailing Resumes
When sending a resume via the internet, it's a good idea to copy your resume in Plain Text onto your email, as well as send it as an attachment. This should ensure that the recipient will be able to view your resume regardless of having compatible software. Or, to avoid sending your resume in Plain Text format, check with the recipient what software they have, and if they need you to send it in a particular version of Word. For example, if the company whom you are sending your resume to, has an older version than yours, it will not be able to unscramble your newer format. However, the newer versions can always read the older versions!

Sending your resume as a Plain Text document!

Copy your resume from a regular document to a text format (ASCII or MS-DOS, recognized by the file extension: .txt) and then paste the .txt resume on your email. Please note: Plain text format is very basic, and does not recognize formatting such as bullets, bold facing, or italics. You may like to use * or + symbols, and capital letters to achieve similar effects.

Sending your resume as an attachment!

Each email browser is slightly different. So you might want to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), college tutor, or knowledgeable friend exactly how yours works. Typically, once you open an outgoing email document, you can either click on a 'paper clip' symbol, or an 'attachment' button. A dialogue box should appear that will prompt you, telling what to do.

Good Luck!

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Additionally, It may be to your advantage to send a "hard copy" via regular mail or fax.

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