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Your FasTrack To Success®

A Powerful, Self-Directed, At-Home,
Job-Search & Career-Management System

Your FasTrack To Success Wouldn't you like a better home, a nicer vacation, a boat, a new car, college for the kids? Well, it's all possible and from your regular, day-to-day job! That's right you CAN make more money, as well as be happier and more fulfilled in your job and career. You just to know the "insiderssecrets" to career advancement!

So, forget spending months trying to find "no money down" foreclosure houses as investments, or other "get rich quick" schemes. If you want to get ahead financially, the best and surest way is to make more money in your day-to-day job

Now, Dave Bowman has compiled the knowledge and advice of the best career management professionals in the U.S., and is offering it all to you at substantial savings. Yes, now you can learn how to move up to a better job and more money in your current company, or another one. And you can do it in record time. Like everything else, all in knowing how!


Your FasTrack To Success®: the most complete self-contained job-search & career-management system, available. It's designed to help users move up to better jobs and more money quickly and efficiently. It shows you how to create a higher net worth and more dollars for investment, which will provide financial security and a better life for you and your family.

It's a comprehensive, home-learning system with 4 CDs, a 446-Page Learning/Action Guide (it's really an encyclopedia on job-search & career management!), as well as the CDM Assessment Profile all packaged in a handsome 3-ring binder.


Every subject critical to a successful career-management is covered in detail. You'll learn how to...
  • Objectively assess your skills and abilities, and strengths, and to market them with laser bean efficiency (not shotgun sloppiness).
  • Set realistic goals and develop a self-marketing strategy.
  • Create an interview-producing resume that stresses achievements and accomplishments (what employers want to know) instead of only duties and responsibilities.
  • Uncover job opportunities in the 'Hidden Job Market" those that never appear in newspaper classified sections, but are the majority of available jobs at any given time.
  • Use the telephone and the internet as self-marketing tools.
  • Overcome "phone phobias."
  • Create an effective relationship network that will provide job leads.
  • Discover the most productive internet job-posting sites for you.
  • Find today's "hot" Headhunters.
  • Use the right "cyberwords" to get your "scanned" resume downloaded from company databases.
  • Conduct interviews that result in job offers.
  • Silently answer the 4 key questions interviewers may never put into words.
  • Use the 8 "invisible" methods to be a very participative job interview candidate.
  • Answer the key question, "Tell me about yourself." in just 2 minutes
  • Find "hidden agendas" in interviews.
  • Negotiate a much better compensation package (salary, benefits & perks).
  • Answer the tough question, "How much are you making?" the wrong answer will kill a raise.
  • Make downsizings and re-organizations pay-off for you.
  • Sell yourself and your ideas to others.
  • Market yourself inside your current or new company using Visi-Posure.
  • Get on the Power Team and create job-saving allies.
  • Start or buy a business.
  • And much, much more!
But, perhaps most important
  • How to keep your career "on-track" and always moving forward to a better job and more $$$$!

And all of this only for only $79.95...

Cost: only $19.95 a limited-time 20% discount from the usual $24.95 price


(Only $19.95 A Limited Time 20% Discount!)
And here's a great option

24-Hour Access To On-Line Job-Search Help
for only $50 per month! You'll discover hundreds of job-search and career-management "insiders' secrets" for promotions, raises and career advancement clues on how to successfully climb the corporate ladder and stay up there. Here are secrets that can make the difference between 1) the "right" job and "just" a job, 2) success or failure, 3) more $$$$, or the same or less, 4) the same, or a higher quality of life.

Isn't lifestyle protection worth a small investment in Your FasTrack To Success®? You bet it is!




That's because our unique TeleCoaching program enables us to provide comprehensive and effective one-on-one job-search and/or career management/advancement assistance by telephone to virtually anywhere in North America. And, at a very modest cost, compared to traditional, in-person career coaching.

TeleCoaching Options

OPTION "A" $750. You receive Your FasTrack To Success® and THREE HOURS of personalized Coaching on the telephone. The focus can be concentrated on producing a strong, interview-producing resume, or on any other aspect of a job-search and/or career management/advancement such as getting a raise and/or promotion.

OPTION "B" $1,550. You receive Your FasTrack To Success® and SIX HOURS of personalized Coaching to explore all aspects of a job-search and/or career management/advancement.

Convenient, Private, Motivational

Many of our clients prefer TeleCoaching (via telephone) to in-office career coaching for the following reasons:
          Flexible Scheduling.
     Private, At Home Counseling.


It's Simple. When you're ready to start your program, we send you a copy of Your FasTrack To Success®. You prepare for your TeleCoaching sessions, we schedule them and we coach you. That's it, it's so simple and easy!

Now, here are some Alternate Options you might want to consider...

Career Workspace

24-Hour Access To On-Line Internet Job-Search Help at only $100 per month

Through our continuing efforts to meet your career management needs, we have custom designed a high-tech, online service to bring you the best company and industry research tools, international databases and lead generation technology available today.

These online services – together with career and self-assessment, job-search strategy tools and professional resume and cover letter development – provide the most cutting-edge, robust, job-search/career-management system ever offered.

"Career Workspace" Provides Access to Information
Through on-Line Resources & Databases

  • Opening New Doors® –TTG's Rapid Re-Employment System – a 430-page reference/learning/action guide (an encyclopedia for job-search & career-management).

  • A 4-Hour Audio Guide to Job-Search – in mp3 format for downloading to I-Pods.

  • Company & Industry information – Hoovers and Dun & Bradstreet provide access to information about 65 million companies and 85 million people in hundreds of industries with company overviews, key information, biographies and business intelligence (articles, etc.).

  • Job Leads – technology that continually scans thousands of companies and commercial job-posting sites in over 150 categories for "job trigger events" (actual job posting and other job opportunity events). Thousands of these new "job trigger events" occur every day. This is an extraordinary time saver!

  • Recruiters/Headhunters – access to thousands of recruiters throughout the world to whom resumes can be sent electronically.

  • International Database – surveying worldwide career opportunities.

  • E-library – hundreds of links to relevant career development sites and an A-Z index to find exactly the information needed.

  • Social Media/Networking – users are seamlessly connected to the most used social media/networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) – identifying networking opportunities and prospective contacts.

  • RSS Media Feeds – print, broadcast and digital media feeds about target companies are automatically downloaded and stored.

  • JobSearch – Campaign Tracing & Contact Management – technology that tracks target companies and stores key contacts, notes, resumes, cover letters, and position descriptions for scheduling follow-up calls and interviews.

Only $100 per month!

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