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Find & Land Your "Dream Job" In Record Time
Plus Get More Money and Benefits

Now you can quickly prepare for a successful job-search with...

It's Your Career Power It!

And, it's so EASY because it's all on-line.

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It's Your Career® Power It! is a "Virtual" Career Coach & gives you success secrets to the THREE CRITICAL ELEMENTS of an EFFECTIVE JOB-SEARCH:
  • Self-Assessment this is the first step to an interview-generating resume and a job-offer interview! You'll know who you are and what you do well, and you'll be able to accurately and quickly describe your...
    • Interests.
    • Strengths & Skills.
    • Accomplishments.

  • Writing an interview-generating resume! You'll be able to...
    • Produce a resume that describes your duties & responsibilities, as well as what you DID with them which means your accomplishments!
    • Your accomplishments are what the hiring manager wants to know, because they illustrate how good you are at what you do!

  • Interviewing & Negotiating Techniques to get job offers! You'll know...
    • The most asked questions and the right answers.
    • How you can "direct" the interview.
    • How to discover what they are NOT saying in an interview.
    • How to use your accomplishments to quickly get job offers!
    • How to handle that tricky question about salary history!
Included with It's Your Career® Power It! are...
  • 40-minutes of Audio, sequenced to Slides in 4 easy modules.
  • A 31-Page Downloaded Action/Success Guide an easy-to-use road map to your next job, with step-by step instructions, methods and techniques to quickly land it with the most money possible!
  • And - there are additional on-line options: an automatic resume builder & writer, databases for company & job opportunity research, and a mail & e-mail tracker.
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Formerly available only to corporations to help their "downsized" employees find new jobs quickly, It's Your Career® Power It! is the finest, easiest-to-use, most affordable and effective job-search/career-management system ever offered. It represents 20 years of real-life knowledge and experience from nationally respected Career Strategist, Dave Bowman, who has helped hundreds of thousands to quickly find new and rewarding careers - and to increase their paychecks!

Dave Bowman is founder and chairman of TTG Consultants, a nationally known, human resource consulting firm. He is seen and heard regularly on TV and Radio talk shows (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Voice of America), and frequently writes about career and workplace issues (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, Chief Executive, Miami Herald and CBS MarketWatch, among many others). He also is the author of the fast-selling book, How Do I Find The Right Job? (John Wiley & Sons). His clients are many of America's Fortune 500 firms.

As a special introduction to individual job-seekers whose efforts are NOT sponsored by corporations, Dave is offering It's Your Career® Power It! for a limited-time at a 25% discount: $11.95. It's regularly $15.95!

Order today, and start on your way to a more fulfilling, higher paying job!

SEE & HEAR A FREE DEMO! (click here)

(take advantage of Dave's limited time 25% discount)




24-Hour Access To On-Line Internet Job-Search Help

Resume Builder (On-Line): $50 per person per month
By entering data about Employment History, Strengths, Skills & Accomplishments, a resume is automatically constructed and formatted in a chronological, or skill-based format.
Resu-Mailer (On-Line):
An e-calendar system to track & file e-mails, ads, letters, resumes and cover letters. Included with Resume Builder
Opportunity Research (On-Line):
Access to on-line databases for researching companies and salary ranges. Meta-search engines access and download applicable jobs from up to 1000 job-posting services (a great time saver!). Included with Resume Builder.
Talk about job and career issues with other job-seekers around the world. Included with Resume Builder.
"Ask TTG" On-Line
Access to TTG's professional career-management coaches via e-mail — for tips and answers to any job-search questions. Available for 30, 60, or 90 days.
30 Days: $50
60 Days: $100
90 Days: $150

Here's what people are saying about It's Your Career ® Power It!

"It's Your Career! ® (is) very well done. The content (is) on-point and presented in a very relaxed manner."
Director of Human Services, City of Beverly Hills, CA

"This is really a terrific product! It deals with the three key areas in a job-search campaign about which people just don't know."

"I found (It's Your Career! ®) to be not only motivational, but also aligned with the MTV (Network's) organizational philosophy of career development."
Vice President, Training and Development, MTV Networks

"This (It's Your Career! ®) has been a God-send for me. It's helped me discover what I can bring to a new employer, and then describe that in a resume and in the interview. Thank you!"

"I think the materials (It's Your Career! ®) are good and useful, and would be a valuable addition to any package we offer to people being laid off."
Staff Vice President, Unova, Inc.


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