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The Nurturing Manager® Program teaches an individual with supervisory responsibility how to develop and maintain an environment in which people matter, where they have the tools and resources to be successful, and which is safe.

Ideal candidates for this program are those who....

  • have recently been promoted into a position with significant people responsibilities,
  • intimidate and/or de-motivate co-workers,
  • create conflict in the workplace,
  • do not have an open communication style.


  • Starts with the Birkman Method® Profile Assessment to begin a dialogue on:

    Management Style
    Social Perceptions

  • Moves into Coaching on:

    Communication Style
    Team Building
    Career Development
    Career/Life Balance
    How to separate employees with sensitivity
    (Divorce with Dignity®)
    Use of Employee Assistance Programs
    Violence in the Workplace Prevention Training
    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
    Conflict Resolution
    Coaching and Mentoring

Case History


Varies with length of the assignment. Includes a Birkman Method® Profile for individual coaching sessions.

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