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Affordable, ON-LINE Compliance Training…
For Existing & New Employees!

      Sexual Harassment is illegal in the workplace – as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court and various State statutes. Employees are liable for allowing Sexual Harassment to occur in the workplace, and settlements are reaching many millions of dollars.

      These programs create an "awareness" of what is and what is not appropriate behavior in the workplace. And, it discusses the many other issues that can create a harassment-free environment. This training and its Comprehension Evaluation (test) can provide one of the few legal defenses against a harassment charge.

  • What Is and Isn't Sexual Harassment?
  •    -    Legal Issues and Definitions of Harassment
       -    Myths About Harassment
       -    Unacceptable Behaviors & Actions
       -    Perception vs. Reality
  • How Serious Is It?
  •    -    Frequency
       -    Liabilities
       -    Jury Awards (Personal & Corporate)
  • Prevention Methods
  •    -    What to do if You're a Victim
       -    What the Organization Can Do
  • Creating Awareness & Sensitivity in the Workplace


          A 15-minute on-line program of audio sequenced to slides, with a 5-minute Comprehension Evaluation (test), the results of which are e-mailed to HR as proof of training and content retention.

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