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     In California, the Sexual Harassment Prevention law, AB-1825, requires all organizations with 50 or more employees (including temporary service employees, independent contractors and employees in other states) to train their managers and supervisors in Harassment Prevention for 2-hours, every 2 years. In addition, all newly hired managers and supervisors must be trained within 6 months of being hired.

     TTG Consultants provides both on-site and on-line Sexual Harassment Prevention compliance training.

     Both the on-site and on-line programs contain FOUR PARTS…
  1. A one-hour Presentation defining Sexual Harassment laws and the issues surrounding Harassment in the Workplace.
  2. 20 minutes of Video Vignettes.
  3. A 20 minute Review of what's been learned.
  4. A 20 minute Comprehension Evaluation (test), the results of which are placed in each participant's personnel file as proof of training and its comprehension.

Therefore, every important element of Workplace Harassment is discussed at least FOUR TIMES.

   Content of the training includes…
  • What Is and Isn't Sexual Harassment?

  •    -   Legal Issues and Definitions of Harassment
       -   Myths About Harassment
       -   Unacceptable Behaviors & Actions
       -   Perception vs. Reality

    • How Serious Is It?

    •    -   Frequency
         -   Liabilities
         -   Jury Awards (Personal & Corporate)

      • Prevention Methods

      •    -   What to do if You're a Victim
           -   What the Organization Can Do

        • Creating Awareness & Sensitivity in the Workplace


             Unlike most on-line Harassment Prevention training programs that present "talking heads", "scrolled text" and/or "self-read slides", this 2-hour programs features...
        • Humorous videos, stories and cartoons – acceptable in social settings, but either questionable or unacceptable in the workplace because of potential Harassment issues,
        • Fast-moving graphics,
        • Hollywood production values,
        • Frequent interactive quizzes & a final Comprehension Evaluation (test) – all intended to maintain viewer interest and content retention
        • .
             This on-line training program is password accessed, and two viewings are permitted for each password (in case of “test” failure). Passwords can be obtained from TTG Consultants at 800.736.8840, or

        Pricing Options (1-199 Employees):

        ***For orders of 200 or more employees***
        Please Call
        For A Discounted Rate!


             This program is very high-energy, with a great deal of inter-action between the trainer/facilitator and the participants. The same material and time frames – as that in the on-line program – are presented in the on-site iteration.

             To book this on-site training program, please contact TTG Consultants at 800.736.8840, or


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