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Minimize the risk of hiring mistakes by securing the very best candidates for your specific needs. TTG SEARCH will handle all recruiting functions to ensure you the finest prospect for new-hire success -- at a cost you can live with.

By the careful pre-screening of our applicants we provide only the most qualified for your consideration. The fact that unemployment is low among administrative and professional workers means that your best candidates are now employed and probably not reading the want ads. We do not depend on ads to find people.

TTG SEARCH researches your industry extensively to quickly identify candidates who would otherwise be inaccessible to you. We also look for (and find!) qualities that cannot be identified on paper.

TTG SEARCH is dedicated to your satisfaction. In fact, we guarantee results. If employment is terminated within the first 30 days, we offer this unconditional guarantee: we will replace that candidate free of charge, or credit your account the full cost of the search.


  • Research target companies, based on your specific needs and job specifications.
  • Source and contact candidates who hold positions which may qualify them as high-probability prospects.
  • Determine a candidate's genuine interest in a new job opportunity.
  • Conduct a personal interview with all qualified target candidates.
  • Continue the search process until a hire is made.

We offer the option of The Birkman Method® for candidates' interests, strengths, needs and stresses - leading to a focus on leadership and operating style - to better understand the potential for a good "fit".

Also offered is The Birkman Method's® "Perceptions of Strengths & Needs" - a 360° diagnosis of the essential core competencies needed for success in a job, as perceived by the supervisor, peers and subordinates.

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recruiting service
recruiter service
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