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A Word about "Scanned" Resumes in Databases

When receiving resumes - whether by email, fax, mail, or in person - many organizations "scan" them into a database for later retrieval by keyword. This means that the keywords in the job description are matched by computer with the same words found on resumes previously scanned into the database. Then, only resumes containing these keywords are downloaded for consideration.

So, it's extremely important that the appropriate descriptive words be used in writing a resume. Example: an accounting and/or finance job might have keywords like detail, numbers, analyze and control. A sales and/or marketing job might have keywords like motivate , persuade , sell , and create .

A resume, then, must contain appropriate keywords to be downloaded from the database. Think about what words might describe the duties of the job you want, as well as the competencies the ideal incumbent should have. Be sure to use these words in your past job descriptions and in your accomplishment statements. This will "get your resume downloaded" for consideration!

More Information about Electronic resume posting and on-line / Internet services, click here

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