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Self-Directed/At-Home Outplacement
A Powerful Self-Directed Job-Search/Career-Management System
"By reading the Learning Guide and listening to your Audio CD, I have begun to assess myself and build a stronger desire to achieve my career goals. Recently, as I drove to an interview, I listened again to your Interview Practice CD. As a result, I was able to ask many more focused, in-depth questions during the interview. This helped tremendously!"
Gail Wright (client)
OPENING NEW DOORS® is the most highly-acclaimed program of its type available. It is a completely self-contained job-search/career-management program, designed to help a discharged employee find new employment quickly and efficiently.

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Opening New Doors®
(for Staff/Management)
Opening New Doors: Self Directed Outplacement System
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    Four CDs. A 460 Page, Easy-To-Use Learning/Action Guide (an encyclopaedia on job-search and career-management) . Toll-Free Advisory Support Hotline - available until re-employment. A Guide to Effective Separations, an 11 minute video and handbook to train managers for terminating other employees.
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Every subject critical to a successful job search is covered in detail.

The user will learn:
    How to objectively assess his/her skills and abilities, strengths and weaknesses. How to set realistic goals and develop a market strategy. How to uncover job opportunities in the "Hidden Job Market" - those that never show up in the newspaper classified section, but represent the vast majority of available jobs at any given time. How to create an effective relationship network that will provide job leads. How to conduct an interview that will result in a job offer. How to negotiate a compensation package. How to use the Internet effectively — on-line job & resume services, as well as e-mailing resumes, and using keywords for resume scanning. How to make the most of a new job. How to sell yourself and your ideas to others. How to start your own business. And, perhaps most important: How to keep your career on-track and always moving forward.
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Opening New Doors® also includes unlimited use of TTG Consultants' toll-free Advisory Support Hotline until reemployment. Professional advice and counsel is always just a phone call away.


Four Ways Your Business Can Use Opening New Doors®


A copy of Opening New Doors is given to each employee at the time of their departure. The program is designed to be entirely self-directed, but if a question should arise or advice is needed, TTG's toll-free Advisory Support Hotline is available until re-employment.

Group Workshop

TTG Consultants will conduct a half-day, full-day, or two day workshop for your departing employees. Each employee will receive a copy of Opening New Doors in advance of the workshop. Our toll-free Advisory Support Hotline is there to help after the workshop has ended.

Group Workshop (In-House)

TTG Consultants can train your own in-house facilitator(s) to conduct job-search workshops. A comprehensive Facilitator's Guide is available to lead the implementer through a half-day, full day, or two day workshop, utilizing Opening New Doors as a Learning Guide.

TeleCoaching and E-VideoCoaching®

For outplacement assistance in small or remote locations, TTG's TeleCoaching & E-VideoCoaching® Programs provide a cost-effective, highly efficient solution. A copy of Opening New Doors is shipped to the employee(s), and shortly thereafter a schedule for one-on-one coaching is arranged. Exchange of printed material such as resume, cover letters, etc. is handled by e-mail. Several TeleCoaching & E-VideoCoaching® programs are available of varying lengths, depending upon need and budget.


Opening New Doors® "PLUS"
Add-On Options to Opening New Doors®

TeleCoaching (all programs include Opening New Doors®):
      3 hours of coaching by telephone for resume preparation,
      6 hours of telephone coaching for resume & interviewing,
      6 hours of telephone outplacement coaching,
      6 hours, plus 2-hour Birkman Method® Profile assessment.
         Option: on-line Opportunity Research.

E-VideoCoaching® (includes Opening New Doors®)
      Job-Search/Career-Management coaching via inter-
      active audio/video on the internet.

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Additional Versions of Opening New Doors® Available!

Dual Career Relocation/Transition Early Retirement / Second Careers
Non-Exempt Spanish Language

Opening New Doors has worked for these clients!

ALSO AVAILABLE! Now - an extremely affordable companion to job-search workshops...You're In Charge Of You!

This is an all-in-one package, with job-search advice for:
- Self Assessment (what can I offer employers),
- Resume Writing (with sample resumes to generate interviews),
- Interviewing Techniques (questions & answers to get job offers),
- Negotiating Methods (for the most $$$$ and benefits),
- Networking (to find hidden jobs),
- Researching (for job opportunities) and
- Working With Employment Agencies.

You're In Charge Of You! contains a 70-minute audio CD and a 70-page Action/Success Guide – all packaged in a handy box.

AND - job-search advice is now available ON-LINE with IT'S YOUR CAREER® -- POWER IT! This unique program offers advice for Self Assessment, Resume Writing, Interviewing and Compensation Negotiation.

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