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In This Presentation, The Audience Will Learn:

The techniques and methods to deliver a dynamic presentation, and to be…

  • More Self Assured - Confident, Poised
  • Better Organized - Thoroughly Prepared, Rehearsed
  • More Relaxed - Natural, More Energy
  • More Convincing - Gain Greater Audience Commitment
  • In Control - from Beginning to End
  • And More!
A Good Presenter…
  • Deals with Nerves and "Cotton Mouth" (how to do it)
  • Gets Into the Audience's "Shoes"
  • Makes Eye Contact
  • Uses "The Name Game"
  • Exudes Energy & Freshness
  • Uses Vocal Variation
  • Uses Prompting Methods that "Fit"
  • And much more
A Good Presentation…
  • Uses the KISS Principle
  • Uses a "Wow" Opening
  • Uses a "Two Minute Pitch"
  • Personalizes for the Audience
  • Has Built-In Signposts
  • Uses Humor as a Learning Tool
  • Develops Three Distinct Parts to the Message
  • And much more…
Also - a new world of presentation media is emerging. Presenters must be comfortable with Tele-Conference/Video-Conferencing, as well as Satellite and/or Internet-Based Presentations - with inter-active Q&A, Sides and Closed Captioning!

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