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Working Spouse/Partner Relocation

When an executive is transferred, and a move is required, the decision to accept the transfer may be conditioned upon whether a working spouse or partner is able to quickly find another job.

Qualifying for a mortgage in the new location may be difficult - if not impossible - with ONLY ONE "PROVEN" INCOME. The executive may thus turn down the transfer because the family's lifestyle will be reduced.

Or, if relocation is accepted, the family may be forced to accept living conditions that don't match an expected lifestyle. This may cause anxiety, stress and a less than fully productive manager.

Opening New Doors "Working Spouse/Partner Relocation" edition, with it's six Audio Tapes, 280 page Learning/Action Guide, it's toll-free Counselor Support Hotline and it's Career Decision Making System assessment instrument, can help the working spouse or partner become re-employed in much less time - thus "qualifying" the family for an appropriate mortgage.

Questions about resume preparation, interviewing, finding opportunities, networking in a strange city, and so much more can be answered immediately on the "live" Counselor Support Hotline by professional Career Counselors with many years experience.

Don't forget TTG's unique and cost-effective one-on-one Career Counseling over the phone and via the internet - our TeleCoaching & e-VideoCoaching programs. TTG's Career Counselors provide pro-active job search assistance for: creating a resume, preparing for interviews, salary negotiation, research on target companies and much more.

TeleCoaching & e-VideoCoaching OPTIONS:

  • Opening New Doors and 2 HOURS OF Coaching (includes a laser printed resume) $600 ($100 equipment charge for internet option)
  • Opening New Doors and 4 HOURS OF Coaching (includes 50 resumes and interview practice) $1,000 ($100 equipment charge for internet option)
  • Opening New Doors and 6 HOURS OF Coaching (includes 100 resumes, stationery, as well as interview practice, networking assistance, research, negotiation coaching) $1,500 ($100 equipment charge for internet option)

So - When relocating your personnel, provide Opening New Doors to the working spouse or partner. It's a cost-effective way to ensure continued executive productivity.

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