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Having served the Human Resources needs of our clients since 1985, we have extensive experience in creating tailored, cost-effective programs THAT WORK! We can integrate these into a series of services that flow from one program to another, thus solving a client's total needs, from Outplacement to Organizational Development to Executive Search.

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Organizational Effectiveness
      and Development


Productivity Enhancement

Organizational Effectiveness/Training

Executive Coaching

Teambuilding: Increase Productivity

Employee Selection and Succession

Effective Mentoring

The Birkman Method®

Self-Directed Career Development

360° Assessment

Compensation Program Design

The Learning Organization

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Workplace Violence/Terrorism Prevention

Presentation Skills Coaching

Customized Outplacement Programs

Executive Outplacement Coaching

Career Workspace

Group Outplacement

Birkman Method® for Outplacement

Self Directed/At-Home Outplacement

Early Retirement Planning

Dual Career Relocation/Transition

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Job Workshop "Companion & Guide"

Cost Effective TeleCoaching & E-VideoCoaching®

Outplacement in Spanish



E-Services for Career and
      Workplace Solutions

Personal Careers & Success

Career Workspace

E-Video Coaching®

E-Video Meeting™

E-Video Seminars®

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention

It's Your Career® - Power It!

It's Your Career® - Advance It!

The Birkman Method®

Executive Career Management®

Presentation Skills Coaching®

Your FasTrack to Success®

It's Your Career® - Manage It!

It's Your Career® - Power It!

It's Your Career® - Advance It!
School's Over - Now What?

Your Resume - A Sales Tool

Developing Resumes

Resume Do's & Don'ts

Online Job Listings

"Keywords" for Resume Scanning

E-mailing Resumes
The Job Interview - Winning Techniques



Other Services

Recruiting/Executive Search

David Bowman:Author & Motivational Speaker

Our Affiliations

A member of OI Global Partners, a global Human Resources Consulting Partnership with offices worldwide.


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