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TTG Consultants - Arizona is the Arizona partner of Lincolnshire International and Arbora Global Partners, with more than 200 offices in 23 countries on six continents. We are capable of servicing the Human Resource needs of both large and small companies throughout the US, Canada and in the majority of key cities across the rest of the world.

We are a full-service Human Resource Consulting firm, with over twenty-five years of experience in Arizona. TTG'S coaches have worked with Human Resource Directors and C-Level executives in a wide variety of public agencies, private sector industries and not-for-profit organizations.

We work with senior executives, as well as mid-level managers who have been displaced, or who require coaching to change behavior, develop expertise or improve productivity.


A primary focus for TTG Consultants - Arizona is the creation of unique, cost-effective Outplacement programs. These include unlimited, professional, one-on-one coaching programs that are tailored to corporate budgets and individual needs. Our one-on-one coaching process gets clients back to work faster, thus saving substantial corporate unemployment insurance costs.

Opening New Doors®, our stand-alone, rapid re-employment system for mid-level, professional and staff employees, is the most complete, job-search/career-management system ever offered. And, its cost is only a fraction of traditional Outplacement.

You're In Charge Of You!®, TTG's very inexpensive, audio-based guide to an effective job-search, is an ideal workshop companion, as well as a motivational review long after workshops are over. It's also an excellent give-away at job fairs.


TTG Consultants - Arizona offers Management Style and Leadership Development coaching for senior executives and mid-level managers.

Our coaching programs help
to Resolve Conflict, Reduce Turnover, Improve Communication and Develop Interpersonal & Leadership Skills.

Differing management/operating/leadership styles are perhaps the greatest source of conflict, dysfunction and low productivity in organizations today. These styles can clash because of varying individual interests, strengths, needs, and stresses.

Contrasting views and methods of leading, delegating, planning, communicating, decision making, as well as dealing with conflict, stress, time management and relationships are some of the many issues that can cause friction - even rebellion.

If left unattended, these differences and their subsequent results can lead to individual underperformance and even separation from the organization. To maximize your investment in people, Management Style & Leadership Development Coaching makes good business sense.


TTG Consultants - Arizona and its global partners offer exceptionally effective programs in other Human Resource functions as well...
  • Teambuilding, using the unique Birkman Method® assessment instrument.
  • 360° Assessment - of individuals and teams.
  • Executive Search - using both 360° and Birkman Method® assessments.
  • Employee Succession Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Sexual Harassment & Workplace Violence Prevention Training


TTG Consultants - Arizona and its global partners' experience in Human Resource consulting involves an exceptionally deep understanding of the dynamics of a global workforce and the issues that drive performance.

Let us help you and your organization attain workforce synergy and greater productivity!

7047 East Greenway Parkway; Suite 250;
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

4520 Wilshire Blvd; Suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90010 | Phone: 323/936-6600 or 800/736-8840 | Fax: 323/936-6721 | E-mail: Click here
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