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The Birkman Method®
Through use of this unique, quality assessment tool —
The Birkman Method® — management can...
• Improve Hiring
• Reduce Turnover
• Improve Communication
• Reduce Conflict
• Expand Sales
• Increase Productivity
• Build Better Teams
• Increase Management Effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction

Applications/Uses for The Birkman Method®
The Birkman Method® Compared to Other Instruments
Teambuilding Case Studies
Executive Coaching Case Studies
Costs of the "Wrong" Hire
EEOC Legal Opinion
In-Person or "Virtual" Outplacement: TeleCoaching, e-VideoCoaching®, e-VideoMeeting
The Birkman Method® provides extensive, highly accurate portraits of preferred work habits and strengths, as well as behavioral styles and interests. It also indicates individual potential for certain professional occupations and working environments, the support needed from other individuals and the stress behaviors likely if these needs are not met. In addition, it provides a comprehensive profile of probable success at various levels of management, and of the ability to interact as a member of a team.

This is NOT an assessment of individual psychological health, nor does it have a right/wrong or good/bad value system. There are no "correct" answers.

TTG's certified and highly trained consultants utilize The Birkman Method® for...
Hiring & Recruitment
Strategic H.R. Management
Performance Review
Training & Management Development
Team Creation & Building
Career & Succession Planning
We particularly appreciate this profiling instrument, as its basic assumptions about the characteristics of productive organizations mirror our own...
  • People are different, and a variety of behavior and work styles will naturally emerge because of these differences.
  • One work style is not inherently better than another.
  • Healthy organizations need multiple styles to be effective.
The Birkman Method® has been in use for over 40 years. It generates a personal assessment of more than 40 pages on an individual. Over 2 million people in some 5,000 organizations have experienced the profile. Included are men and women from hundreds of different professions, a wide range of ages, and all major ethnic backgrounds in both the United States and Canada. Reliability and validity studies are available.

The Birkman Method® contains a three-part Questionnaire. The first two parts have 125 true-false items each, measuring:
  1. The first section measures the respondent's perceptions of most people (how they feel, think and behave).
  2. The second section measures the respondent's patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions.
  3. The third section consists of a 48-item survey on occupational interests.
Few consultants are certified to use The Birkman Method®. TTG is proud to have several staff members certified to use this extraordinary assessment instrument.

The Birkman Method® Questionnaire can be completed in less than one hour. Feedback can be facilitated in-person, via TeleCoaching, or on-line (e-VideoCoaching®, e-VideoMeeting, e-VideoSeminars).

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