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"You showed me that I was a valuable, marketable product. I now have the ability to know my self-worth and I have self-confidence."
Jerry Bossan (client)
TTG Consultants is a 35 year old, California-based, full-service Human Resources consulting firm; one of the most advanced and innovative companies of its kind in the United States. We offer a broad spectrum of cost-effective, unique executive outplacement programs.

Is there a difference Between Executive Career Transition Programs?

Yes, there is. And the difference is in the details!

TTG is managed by its owners (NOT by someone who reports to a giant conglomerate). We also are a member of a worldwide partnership of locally owned companies like ours. Therefore our clients have "the best of both worlds" - personal attention from owners, plus access to a worldwide network of professional coaches, and the career opportunities that only long-established local partners can discover.

TTG Consultants' Executive Career Transition Program consists of unlimited, personalized, one-on-one job-search and/or entrepreneurial coaching. This is "Consultant Intensive" coaching, with the lowest participant – to – coach ratio in our industry.

Subjects covered during counseling include:
  • Self-Assessment: to identify skills, strengths accomplishments.
  • Goal Setting: to define and develop career objectives.
  • Resume Preparation: with printed copies of the finished resume, as well as matching letterheads and envelopes.
  • Research: to identify and strategize target companies.
  • Self-Marketing & Networking Strategies: to organize and utilize contacts, friends, and associates for job leads and introductions.
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Interviewing Techniques: for controlling and winning the offer. Participants have the opportunity, at their option, of unlimited video role-play for interview practice - during the coaching program, as well as prior to important interviews.
  • Compensation Negotiation: for moving into the upper end of the salary and benefits range.
  • Action Plan: for utilizing the techniques and strategies learned, in order to implement an effective job-search campaign.
Most professional career transition programs address these subjects. But, once again, the difference is in the details.
So What is Different And Unique About TTG's Executive Career Transition Program?
First, Lets consider that...
ALL COACHING IS DONE IN A ONE-ON-ONE BASIS - Participants are NOT placed in impersonal group seminars (such as giant conglomerate-managed programs prescribe). We call this "Consultant Intensive" coaching.

Next, there is...

The "Key" To Your Career Future!

This critically acclaimed Job-Search / Career-Management system is the foundation for all of TTG’s career transition programs. Created and published by TTG Consultants, The "Key" To Your Career Future! contains…
  • A 460-page Learning Guide / Encyclopedia that covers all aspects of finding and landing a great job that "fits" – for the visual learner.
  • 4½ hours of audio instruction (that mirrors the Learning Guide / Encyclopedia) – for the auditory learner. Selected audio modules can be downloaded to mobile devices for re-play on the way to an interview.
  • A “Quick View” – for the job-seeker in a hurry:
    • A 40-minute video featuring advice about self-assessment, resume writing and interviewing/negotiating.
    • A 40-minute video containing tips for advancement in the new job.


"Ask TTG" – Our Toll Free Advisory Hotline

TTG’s toll free Advisory Hotline takes over when our one-on-one coaching has ended. Answers to difficult job-search or career-management questions are always only a phone call away.

Pre-Termination Planning
A critical element in the Outplacement process is pre-termination planning. We provide our client managers with coaching on how to manage terminations in an effective and humane way. We help them understand the psychological and emotional dynamics of termination - for both themselves and the employees involved. Proper termination procedures can minimize the potential for litigation and violence, as well as a possible negative impact on public relations and recruiting. Click below to view a clip from A Guide To Effective Separation - an 11 minute training video with handbook.

View sample Video clip:
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Birkman Method® Profile

This extraordinary assessment instrument defines an individual's management/operating and leadership styles, all critical elements in selling oneself into job opportunities. In order to properly discuss these styles, one must first understand his/her interests, most productive behaviors, and needs - all discovered in the The Birkman Method® Profile.

Personal Career Management

TTG's Executive Outplacement Program focuses on the following elements of individual careers and "lifestyles":
Career Stages
  • Entry
  • Mid-Career
  • Career Re-Staging
Career Direction
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Large Company
  • Small Company
  • Mid-Size Company
  • Free Agent
Career Support
  • Networking
  • Associations
  • "Visi-Posure"
Career Resources
  • Job Banks
  • Recruiters
  • Continuing Education
  • Experts
Career Execution
  • Assessment
  • Resumes
  • Research
  • Interviewing
Life Balance
  • Work
  • Family
  • Social/Friendships
Career Choice
  • Industry
  • Function
Complete Internet Job-Search Support System

Through our continuing efforts to meet your career management needs, we have custom designed a high-tech, online service to bring you the best company and industry research tools, international databases and lead generation technology available today.

These online services, together with career and self-assessment, job-search strategy tools and professional resume and cover letter development, provide the most cutting-edge, robust, job-search/career-management system ever offered.

TTG Consultants Provides Access to Information
Through On-Line Resources & Databases

  • The on-line version of Opening New Doors® TTG's Rapid Re-Employment System — a 460-page reference/learning/action guide (an encyclopedia for job-search & career-management).

  • A 4½ Hour Audio Guide to Job-Search — in mp3 format for downloading to mobile devices.

  • Company & Industry information — Dun & Bradstreets "Hoovers" database provides access to information about 80 million companies in hundreds of industries — with company overviews, key information, biographies and business intelligence (articles, etc.).

  • Recruiters/Headhunters — access to thousands of recruiters throughout the world to whom resumes can be sent electronically.

  • ExecuNet — provides a database of career opportunities that are assigned ONLY to Executive Search Firms – they are not posted on the internet.

  • Social Media/Networking — users are seamlessly connected to the most used social media/networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) — identifying networking opportunities and prospective contacts.

  • Introduction to Recruiters
    Through TTG Search, clients are exposed to select opportunities which are accessible only through Executive Search firms.
    Entrepreneurial Coaching
    Starting/Buying/Franchising one's own business is an increasingly popular career. TTG provides an in-depth program for those who choose this career path.
    Seasoned Coaches
    TTG's Coaches have extensive general business and specific industry experience (with both local organizations and global enterprises), as well as expertise in job-search/career-management guidance.
    TTG Consultants is large enough to implement a major downsizing (see our GOA partnership below), yet small enough to provide a warm, friendly, supportive atmosphere. Clients are treated as an associate, rather than someone we are simply coaching. They know every member of senior management and each, in his/her way, will participate in the process of helping the client transition into a new and fulfilling job. Since no one particular coach can possibly know everything about the current job market, clients have access to, and are coached by, several members of TTG's senior management. Our goal is to make our clients feel as relaxed and comfortable in our offices as they would in their own.
    A Guide to Effective Separations Video
    This 11 minute Video and Handbook trains mangers in the sensitive, and often difficult task of terminating other employees. This Video and Handbook are offered FREE with an Outplacement Assignment.

    View sample Video clip:
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    As a partner/member of GOA, our clients have access to our partners throughout the world . Our partners offer the same personalized service to referral assignments from TTG, and offer the use of their facilities and the knowledge of their local markets to our clients.

    TTG Consultants has coached senior executives from companies such as Lockheed Martin, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Chicago Title, Lawry's Foods, Mars, Unocal, Baskin-Robbins, TRW, Unisys, Union Bank, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros., to name just a few. These men and women have two things in common: each one has found a rewarding new job, and each one considers him or herself to be a member of our extended family. Clients.

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