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How Do I Find The RIght Job? Ask The Experts! The continuing crisis of worker confusion, fear and disloyalty – due to corporate mergers, downsizing, restructuring and plant closures – caused David Bowman to co-author, How Do I Find The Right Job? Ask The Experts!, published by John Wiley & Sons.

The book features hard-hitting, job seeking strategies from many of America's leading Human Resource professionals. Examples are: "How can job hunters use a company human resources department to land the right job there?" "How frequently should a job candidate follow-up with a company after an interview?" "What's your pet peeve concerning job candidates you interview?" "What kind of clothing is a turn-off to employers during an interview?"

Mr. Bowman helps job hunters assess and focus their career goals, particularly in today’s changing and demanding job market. There also is advice on getting over interview nervousness and how to negotiate the best salary and benefits package (including how to determine an employer’s salary range for a job – without actually asking).

Other key issues covered are: why it's important to state accomplishments, as well as why it's unwise to list personal information, references or a statement of objectives on a resume.

The book reveals what the job seeker needs to say and do at each stage of a job search, in order to find and land the right job.

Also included are Mr. Bowman's hints on "hot" new jobs and industries for the next decade, as well as "competitive edge" tips for job seekers in today’s global economy.

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