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Whether you're speaking to a small staff meeting, a larger department and/or company meeting, a prospective customer, a financial analyst meeting, or in front of the media in a crisis, as a company spokesperson on its website, in a company television commercial – you'll need to use Personal Presentation Skills!

To Deliver a Dynamic, Convincing Presentation, you must be
  • Self Assured — Confident, Poised
  • Organized — Thoroughly Prepared, Rehearsed
  • Relaxed — Natural, More Energy
  • Convincing — Gain Greater Audience Commitment
  • In Control — from Beginning to End
Good Presenters...
  • Differentiate the Audience and Approach: New Business Ventures, New Business Development (sales/marketing or operations focused), Strategic Planning, New Products/Services (hi-def, wireless, video-on-demand), Executive Teams, Boards, etc.
  • Survey the Venue (backdrop colors vs. clothes, electrical cords, entrance and exit paths, a/v equipment, etc.)
  • Wear "Dress Blues"
  • Get Into the Audience's Shoes & Speak to that Level
  • Develop a Style: Podium vs. "Working the Room" – Overcoming the Podium Wall
  • Use Prompting Methods that "Fit" (script vs. 3X5 cards vs. teleprompter)
  • Deal with Nerves and "Cotton Mouth"
  • Delete the "Ums," "Uhs" & "Okays"
  • Make Eye Contact
  • Use "The Name Game"
  • Exude Energy & Freshness – Use the "Body Arc"
  • Use Vocal Variation
  • Use Pauses – Strategically (water, breathing)
  • Use Short Sentences
  • Don't Move on Punch Lines
  • Answer Questions – Politically (avoid negativity, the "I think" types, horn blowers, etc.)
  • Don't Use "Crutches" (visual aids, etc.) Instead of Content
  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse
Good Presentations...
  • Use the KISS Principle – Clarify the Message
  • Do NOT Impart TOO Much Information
  • Focus on "The Introduction" (by the presenter, or other)
  • Have a Carefully Planned "Opening" – Use of Humor, Startling Statistics, Other Attention-Getting Devices
  • Use a "Hook" in the First Two Minutes
  • Carefully Build the Content of the First Two Minutes
  • Develop the Message Logically: Three Distinct Parts
  • Personalize for the Audience – Use of "You" & "We"
  • Use a Very Specific "Benefits Overlay"
  • Use the Senses (sight, sound, touch)
  • Have Built-In Signposts (how am I doing?)
  • Use the Close/Wrap-Up as a "Call to Action"
  • Use Humor at the End
  • Use Visual Aids – Handouts, Acetates, PowerPoint®, Video/Audio (each has particular benefits for specific venues)
  • And More!
A New World of presentation media is emerging. Presenters must be comfortable with Tele-Conferencing/Video-Conferencing, as well as Satellite and Internet-Based (with interactive Q&A, slides and closed captioning) presentation technology.

Call TTG Consultants today, and experience how our expert Presentation Skills trainers can dramatically improve the way you deliver your message!

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