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"Quotable Quotes"

By Dave Bowman

"You Do Best What You Best Like To Do - So Go Do It!"

"You're In Business For Yourself - Even If You're Working For Someone Else!"

"It's Your Career - So Manage It Like The Business It Is!"

"If You Don't Know Where You're Going, You'll End Up Someplace Else!"

"Leave No Stone Unturned - 'Cuz You Never Know Where The Moss Is!"

"You Must Constantly Re-Create & Re-Package Yourself!"

"If You Want To Climb The Corporate Ladder, Don't Get Stuck On The Rungs!"

"It's My Way Or The Highway Is A Throw-Back To The Stone Age Of Management!"

"If You're A Hoper Or A Floater In Managing Your Career, You'd Better Re-Launch Yourself!"

"Fight To Be #1 - 'Cuz # 2 Gets The Booby Prize!"

"There Are Two Opposing Styles Of Management: Inter-face vs. In-Your-Face!"

"If You Do What You've Always Done, You'll Get What You Always Got! IS THAT ENOUGH?"

"You Are Working For Yourself - Even As An Employee Of An Organization!  And If You Manage Your Self Employment In A Company Or Other Organization Properly, You'll Have The Same Financial Security And Fulfillment As If You Owned Your Own Business!"

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