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(Letters On File At TTG Consultants)

"David, you're obviously an expert in your field. I was impressed by your thought process."
Tony Robbins; Author; Motivational Speaker & TV Personality

"David, you deserve an award (Oscar) too, for your guiding so many aspirants into Hollywood careers. Keep it up!"
Robert Osborne; Film & Television critic; Author, 75 Years of The Oscar (The Official History of the Academy Awards)

"David, your guidance and generosity are greatly appreciated! I will certainly take your suggestions to heart and will be redirecting my efforts as we discussed."
Former CEO of LA Gear

"All is going very well — I'm having a blast! The best decision possible (in the answer to "How's the new job going?)."
Former President of Industrial Light & Magic and Lucas Digital (LucasFilm)

" have always had the ability to see into the future and have products (programs, books, articles, tapes, etc.) ready for when the business and academic world needs them, or figures out that they need them. It is an honor to be your friend."
Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Viacom

"You were SO very supportive during my job hunt; you really helped persuade me to stick to my guns as far as waiting for the right job to come along. One of the things I have noticed with this job is that it doesn't have to become my identity, which is terrific. I can be passionate about the work I do, work hard at it, but not think only about IT when I'm not there. This makes a much happier camper!"

"By reading the Learning Guide and listening to your Audio, I have begun to assess myself and build a stronger desire to achieve my career goals. Recently, as I drove to an interview, I listened again. As a result, I was able to ask many more focused, in-depth questions during the interview. This helped tremendously!"

"David, two thumbs up for you!"
Chairperson, Professionals In Human Resources Association

"Just a word of thanks for your recent article, 'Keeping Teams Effective'. The article was rare: concise, to the point - and important.
Executive Director, Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland, Oregon

"Congratulations for a job well done. …the material is current, valid and accurate. Job seekers are provided what they need in every key area of outplacement, without being exposed to the hundreds of pages of extra verbiage and philosophy contained in some books. Your Table of Contents makes for easy reference to find needed information quickly on any topic."
Manager, Personnel Operations, Borden, Inc.

"My experience with TTG was terrific. I was fortunate enough to work directly with Dave Bowman, who was enthusiastic, helpful and generous with both his time and wealth of knowledge about the professional world. I learned a great deal from the program - about myself, resumes, letters, interviews, and about confidence and making the choice that's right for me. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I would highly recommend Dave's group to anyone looking for career guidance."
Client (in a letter written to Sony New Technologies, her sponsor)

"I don't think I have ever encountered a group of professionals as uniformly outstanding as the people David Bowman has assembled at TTG. Each is truly exceptional. The techniques of networking and target identification they espouse represent the only way to 'win' in a (job) market like the one that exists today."
Client (in a letter written to The Ralph M. Parsons Company, his sponsor)

"David Bowman…made me feel like so much more than just 'a number'."

"I find it (Opening New Doors) to be a program which offers significant advantages for an employee who might be outplaced."
Director, Organizational Development, the Vons Companies

"The advice was outstanding! Thought provoking to an incredible degree."

"The contents of David's workshops will provide participants a competitive edge in today's job market!"
Urban League

"I would like to thank you, David, for another smash hit!"
UCLA Alumni Association

"David, I'm a better person because of you."
Client, DreamWorks, SKG

"The tools and concepts you present target the areas that demand attention, and point the way to accommodate those demands.
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

"I was stunned by the accuracy of the Birkman feedback. I now see how this tool can provide valuable information to 1) individuals for career planning, 2) groups or teams for conflict resolution and coaching, and 3) companies for recruitment. I was surprised at the fun and entertaining way in which the feedback was presented - Mr. Bowman has quite a flair for the dramatic."
General Manager, J.L. Moseley Company

"It's Your Career (is) very well done. The content (is) on point and presented in a very relaxed manner."
Director of Human Services, City of Beverly Hills, CA

"Opening New Doors is a great product and is a MUST for any company that has to go through the ordeal of laying off staff. Providing Opening New Doors to our employees has taken many of the negatives of our current situation and created a positive outcome for both the employees and the company."
Manager, Human Resources, Pacific Corinthian

"Although we did a number of things to help our employees through a very difficult experience, I'm very confident that the Opening New Doors program played a key role in the outcome."
President, Artistic Brass Company

"Thanks for inspiring me. I feel I'm ready to attack the world."

"You are helping to create long-term changes in people's lives by providing not just jobs, but a renewed sense of pride and dignity."
Chrysalis Foundation (providing jobs of L.A.'s homeless)

"David, I cannot begin to tell you how much positive feedback we received from students regarding your program."
Program Director, UCLA Student Assn.

"Your guidance prevented a lot of false starts and stops, and something that could have been true drudgery was turned into an adventure."

"You showed me that I was a valuable, marketable product. I now have the ability to know my self worth and I have self-confidence."

"Thank you for helping me see where my joy comes from!"
Seminar attendee

"I found (It's Your Career) to be not only motivational, but also aligned with the MTV (Network's) organizational philosophy of career development."
Vice President, Training and Development, MTV Networks

"I found a better job, paying more money and fulfilling all of my career needs. You were instrumental in achieving my goals and ultimately finding my new position. The techniques outlined in your program do work."

"David, your advice was a candle in the dark for me."

"Your presentation was timely, well researched and effectively presented."
Vice President, Zurich-American Insurance Group

"Your Opening New Doors materials were high quality, and helped me review where I was in my preparation for a career leap. The greatest areas of benefit to me were in building my self-confidence and verbalizing my script to enable me to sell myself to the next prospective employer. I did succeed in getting an offer…in half the time expected."

"I can never thank you enough -- not only for your training but also your very positive support. I feel like a new woman, ready to go out and win!"

"The new job is absolutely wonderful, and it's so nice to be working for a group of individuals who appreciate one's effort. I received a promotion on my first day on the job! My responsibilities include Chief Financial Officer, Management Information Systems, Business Office Operations, and restructuring of the front office staff."

"How wonderful it has been to have your insight and experience as a life coach. The support and guidance will hold me steady going forward."

"Thank you so much for all of your coaching and encouragement in my latest job search. I'm thrilled to be working for a company where I have responsibility and accountability again."

"Thank you for all your guidance, encouragement and support during my search. The time you spent with me was invaluable."
Director of Human Resources, PHI HealthCare Management Inc.

"David, I am extremely grateful for all of the advice, counsel and emotional support I received from you and the entire TTG Consultant Staff. They were instrumental in helping me through a difficult professional and personal period. I couldn't have gotten through the frustration of changing companies and relocating to a new city without this guidance."
Los Angeles Times

"David, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your efforts in putting my resume together for me. Your format and insight into the current job market was the main reason for my getting an initial interview. While any final decision on hiring is based upon the individual selling himself to the employer, you can't put yourself in that position without a strong resume that sells you on paper. You were able to do that for me. Without any contracts or referrals, I was able to get myself in the door solely on the strength of my resume. For that, my hat is off to you, sir."
Corporate Sales Manager, Furama International Hotels; client

"The information and approach to outplacement counseling is certainly innovative and unique."
Harris Corporation

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